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Is it ok to be bored? Or do we have to tire ourselves out with constant stimulation? The cliche of "human doings" is becoming a day to day reality, and maybe it's ok just to be. Well, gotta run, because I got stuff to do.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Funny story happened to me today while getting gas before I
went to the office. I stopped at the Arco gas station, and all
the pumps had labels that said they were out of order. I walked
in, and the lady on the phone was screaming into the phone that
their networks have been down for two days and they can't do
anything, no credit card transactions, nor debit, and their
pumps were offline. So I said, I have a background in network
engineering, may I take a look (good deed for the day). They
said that was fine, so I traced the LAN line to a converter box
that then connected to this other line that was connected to a
modem. The modem was off. I turned the modem on, and a quick
reboot of the main computer, and the pumps were online, as well
as the credit card machines. This was so shocking that an
entire gas station experienced a complete Denial of Service
because of a modem being off. That is a classic, and quite
humorous example of the security implications of device
networking. Gas pumps hooked into the LAN.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

So, today, I get a chain letter from an old friend, talking about christian petitions and freedom of religion, and needing a bunch of signatures, and pass it on. Well, for fun, I'll attach the letter (which is below my response).


Hi Amy,

Not to burst anyone's bubble about the legal waste of time this letter
is proposing, in order to assist this from truly being effective, one
needs to refer to the FIPS-186 standards, found here
http://www.itl.nist.gov/fipspubs/fip186.htm. So far every person on
this list has not signed anything, and this letter will not assist
anyone, because there is no verification of their signature, (example,
I could start forwarding this letter on behalf of other people's names
on this list, and this entire email would also have to be tamper
proof, which requires it to be digitally signed per every forward, and
then verified. In this matter, you may need to start over, and this
time utilize a digital signature method, (www.pgp.com) offers one,
because at this rate, you're just wasting people's bandwidth and space
in their mailbox.

Please take this comment as constructive criticism, and assistance to
the cause, as it can only be effective if done right.

Digitally Signed,
Charles Kret

Tuesday, January 20, 2004, 7:49:37 PM, you wrote:

AM> Fw: James Dobson
AM> To: All people who believe in the freedom on which our country was founded...       
AM> I heard about this on Focus on the Family that airs on our
AM> local Christian radio station. Dr. Dobson is going on CNBC to urge
AM> every Christian to get involved.  I hope you will think about
AM> signing this and forwarding to all your family and friends.
AM>       Dr. James Dobson, with Focus on the Family, pleads for
AM> our action. An  organization has been granted a Federal Hearing on
AM> the same subject by the federal Communications Commission (FCC) in
AM> Washington, DC. Their petition, Number  2493, would ultimately
AM> pave the way to stop the reading of the gospel of our Lord and
AM> Savior, on the airwaves of America. They got 287,000 signatures to
AM> back their stand! If this attempt is successful, all Sunday
AM> worship services being broadcast on the radio or by television
AM> will be stopped.  This group is also campaigning to remove all
AM> Christmas programs and Christmas carols from public schools!  
AM>   You as a Christian can help! We are praying for at least 1
AM> million signatures. This would defeat their effort and show that
AM> there are many  Christians alive, well and concerned about our
AM> country. As Christians we must unite on this.  Please don't take
AM> this lightly. We ignored one lady once and lost prayer in our
AM> schools and in offices across the nation.  Please stand up for
AM> your religious freedom and let your voice be heard.  Together we
AM> can make a difference in our country while creating an opportunity
AM> for the lost to know the Lord. Please press "forward," CLEAN UP
AM> THE MESSAGE, and forward this to everyone you think should read
AM> this.  Now, please sign your name at the bottom (you can only add
AM> your name after you have pressed      "Forward" or cut and paste
AM> the text). Don't delete any other names, just go to the next
AM> number and type your name. Please do not sign jointly, such as Mr.
AM> Mrs. Each person should sign his/her own name. Please defeat this
AM> organization and keep the right of our freedom of religion.  When
AM> you get to 1000 please e-mail back to: "Lisa Norman"
AM> electric_yello@hotmail.com     
AM> 1. Jimmy R. Lovinggood Elberton, Ga
AM> 2. Angela Childs Elberton Ga.
AM> 3. Russell Childs Elberton Ga.
AM> 4. Dustin Burleson Elberton Ga.
AM> 5. Robin Burleson Elberton Ga.
AM> 6. Peggy Eaves Elberton, Ga.
AM> 7. Darlene Kent Marion,N.C.
AM> 8. Doris Robinson Marion, NC
AM> 9. Lat Robinson Marion, NC
AM> 10. Marietta Ross,Marion, N.C.
AM> 11. Tom Ross Marion,N.C..
AM> 12. Betty Moody, N.C.
AM> 13 Leonard Moody, NC
AM> 14. Barbara Walden, NMB, SC
AM> 15. Charles Walden, NMB, SC
AM> 16. Jennifer O'Brien, NC
AM> 17. Eddie O'Brien, NC
AM> 18. Tammy Stedman, SC
AM> 19. Teresa Jones, Greer, SC
AM> 20. Dana Morris, Pickens SC
AM> 21. Eric Wall, Greer, SC
AM> 22. Phyllis Porter, Inman, SC
AM> 23. Jeff Porter, Inman, SC
AM> 24. Carla Owings, Inman, SC
AM> 25. Barbara Chastain, Spartanburg, SC
AM> 26. Mike Chastain, Spartanburg, SC
AM> 27. Sonya T. Hawes Spartanburg, SC
AM> 28. Diane Hines, Inman, SC
AM> 29. Carol Hines, Inman, SC
AM> 30. Stanley West, Spartanburg, S.C.
AM> 31. Bill Monogan, Charleston, S.C.
AM> 32. Debbie Spencer, Summerville, SC
AM> 33. Amy Marler, Huntsville, Al
AM> 34. Sharon J Head, Hartselle, Al
AM> 35. Bobby G Head, Hartselle, Al
AM> 36. Dianne D Head, Hartselle, Al
AM> 37. Valerie Pinion, Hartselle, Al
AM> 38. Dennis W. Pugh, Reform, AL
AM> 39. Charlotte T. Pugh. Reform, AL
AM> 40. Kristel E. Pugh, Reform, AL
AM> 41. Judy J. Cummins, Columbus, MS
AM> 42. William L. Cummins, Columbus, MS
AM> 43. Annette Butler, Columbus, MS
AM> 44. Thurston Butler, Columbus, MS
AM> 45. Donald Flynn, Sulligent, Al
AM> 46. Bonnie Flynn, Sulligent, Al
AM> 47. Raines Patricia Pensacola Fl.
AM> 48. Malinda Causey Mobile, AL
AM> 49. John Causey Mobile, AL
AM> 50. Anthony Causey Mobile, AL
AM> 51. Brenda Ewing Oscar, LA
AM> 52. Brenda Summers Ventress, La.
AM> 53. Randy Summers Ventress, La.
AM> 54. Gerard Theriot Denham Springs La.
AM> 55. Carol Theriot Denham Springs La.
AM> 56. Robert Theriot Denham Springs La.
AM> 58. Lauren Morales-Nashville, TN
AM> 59. Joe Efferson, Hot Springs Village,Ar.
AM> 60. Azelia Efferson, Hot Springs Village,Ar.
AM> 61. William A. Margaret Efferson, Baton Rouge,La.
AM> 62  Robert Morales
AM> 63  Beverly Morales
AM> 64. Stephanie Lopez, Crosby, Ms
AM> 65. Tony Lopez, Crosby, Ms
AM> 67. Mary Margaret McGraw, Woodville, MS
AM> 68. Jamie Longmire, Crosby, MS
AM> 73. kimberly harrell, brandon ms
AM> 74. robert harrell brandon ms
AM> 75. hannah harrell brandon ms
AM> 76. colby harrell brandon ms
AM> 77. betty garner brandon ms
AM> 78. donald garner brandon ms
AM> 79. nancy johnston, brandon, ms
AM> 80. ronald johnston, brandon, ms
AM> 81. Elaine Johnston, Pearl MS
AM> 82. Jackie Manuel, Pearl, MS
AM> 83. Bobby Manuel, Pearl, MS
AM> 84. Ashley Manuel, Pearl, MS
AM> 85. Michael Manuel, Pearl, MS
AM> 86. Jeff Johnston, Pearl, MS
AM> 87 [Logan McPhail]
AM> 88. Janet Gibbs, Hermitage, TN
AM> 89. Alan Jeffrey Law, Mt. Juliet, TN
AM> 90. Ida Reding Law, Mt. Juliet, TN
AM> 91. Adam Nicholas Law, Mt. Juliet, TN
AM> 92. Erin Nicole Law, Mt. Juliet, TN
AM> 93. Michael Law, Nashville, TN
AM> 94. Kimberly Law, Nashville, TN
AM> 95. Ellen Cook, Danville, PA
AM> 96. Sarah Clugston, Elizabethtown, PA
AM> 97. David Hawthorne, Elizabethtown, PA
AM> 98. Janet Hawthorne, Elizabethtown, PA
AM> 99. Ed Staub, York, PA
AM> 100. Tib Staub, York, PA
AM> 101. Kelly Kaufman, York, PA
AM> 102. Jeremy Kaufman, York, PA
AM> 103. Katie Kohler, York, PA
AM> 104. Nancy Brooks, Hanover, PA
AM> 105. Donna Ressler, Conestoga, PA
AM> 106. Elizabeth Gehr, Washington Boro, PA
AM> 107. Janelle Funk, Washington Boro, PA
AM> 108. Dan Funk, Washington Boro, PA
AM> 109. Robert M. Keyes, Brevard, NC
AM> 110. Patricia A.J. Keyes, Brevard, NC
AM> 111. Myrtle Lamond Palmer, Alaska
AM> 112. Twila Charles Wmspt, PA
AM> 113. Michelle M. Hyschak, Lock Haven, PA
AM> 114. Jeff Lindo, Cheswick, PA
AM> 115. Douglas C. Simoncic Tarentum, PA
AM> 116. Lori A. Simoncic Tarentum, PA
AM> 117. Jerry Lape, Monroe, NC
AM> 118. Carolyn Lape, Monroe, NC
AM> 119. LINDA REICHART,Charlotte NC
AM> 120. Brian Yerger, Buena Park, Ca.
AM> 121. Carol Ruffolo, Anaheim, CA
AM> 122. Chad Brown
AM> 123. Heather Brown
AM> 124. Wayne Brown
AM> 125. Jean Brown
AM> 126. Sharon Haynes
AM> 127. Harvey Haynes
AM> 128. Toni Haynes
AM> 129. Ema Davis
AM> 131. Roy McDowell
AM> 132. Terry McDowell
AM> 133. Pat Downing
AM> 134. Beckie Mahan
AM> 135. Courtney Paxton
AM> 135. Todd Moore
AM> 136. Amber Horton
AM> 137. Johnny Horton
AM> 138. Bert Byrd
AM> 139. Debbie Byrd
AM> 140. Kynan Sturgess
AM> 141. Troyce Sturgess
AM> 142. Todd Firkins, Canyon, TX
AM> 143. Holly Firkins, Canyon, TX
AM> 144. Darin Hofferichter, Friona, TX
AM> 145. Kim Hofferichter, Friona, Tx
AM> 146. Darrin Thompson, Canyon, TX.
      >>> > 147. Suzanne Thompson, Canyon, TX.
      >>> > 148. Lisa Adlong, Amarillo, TX
      >>> > 149. D. Sharp, Amarillo, TX
      >>> > 150. John Sharp, Amarillo, TX
      >>> > 151. Bettye Parish
      >>> > 152. Terry Parish
      >>> > 153. Vicky Dearing, Lewisville, TX
      >>> > 155. David Dearing, Lewisville, TX
      >>> > 156. Jacqueline Johnston, Dallas, Texas
      >>> > 157. Jay Johnston, Dallas, Texas
      >>> > 158. Jordan Johnston, Austin, Texas
      >>> > 159. Jedd Johnston, Lubbock, Texas
      >>> > 160. Jake Johnston, Lubbock, Texas
      >>> > 161. Jared McQuary, Dallas, Texas
      >>> > 162. Jack McQuary, Hot Springs, AR
      >>> > 163. Jill McQuary, Hot Springs, AR
      >>> > 164. Cecile Chappell, Stinnett, Texas
      >>> > 165. Linda Noelke, San Angelo, Texas
      >>> > 166. Bill Noelke, San Angelo, Texas
      >>> > 167. Debbi Meads, San Angelo, TX.
      >>> > 168.Ron Meads, San Angelo, TX.
      >>> > 169. Carol Mooney, Dallas, TX
      >>> > 170. John Hilyer, Plano, TX
      >>> > 171. Tammy Hilyer, Plano, TX
      >>> > 172. Larry Kelso, Richardson, TX
      >>> > 173. Francey Kelso, Richardson,TX
      >>> > 174. Marcia Reeves, Mc Kinney, TX
      >>> > 175.  Virgimai Abel, Jonesboro, AR
      >>> > 176.  Jim Abel, Jonesboro, AR
      >>> > 177.   Cliff Garrison, Conway, AR
      >>> > 178.  Jim DeVazier, Jonesboro,AR
      >>> > 179.  John Ken Beadles, Jonesboro,AR
      >>> > 180. Michael Isbell, Mississippi
      >>> > 181. Tasha Isbell, Mississippi
      >>> > 182. Caleb Isbell, Mississippi
      >>> > 183.  Mary Jane Covington, Mississippi
      >>> > 184.  David Covington, Mississippi
      >>> > 185.  Amber Covington, Mississippi
      >>> > 186.  Barbara P Padgett, Hattiesburg, MS
      >>> > 187.  Margaret Powell, Hattiesburg, MS
      >>> > 188.  Micah W Mayfield, Mississippi
      >>> > 189.  Jo Lynn Cook, Mississippi
      >>> > 190.  Tom Webb, Baton Rouge, LA
      >>> > 191.  Mary Webb, Baton Rouge, LA
      >>> > 192.  Aimee Staples, Baton Rouge, LA
      >>> > 193.   Marsha Vandiver, Baton Rouge, LA
      >>> > 194. Mindi Rowe, Washington, MO
      >>> > 195.  Pauletta Champ, Yakima, WA
      >>> > 196.  Dayle Champ, Yakima, WA
      >>> > 197.  Tracy Champ, Yakima, WA
      >>> > 198.  Jeffrey Champ
      >>> > 199.  Jane Yerges, Moxee, WA
      >>> > 201 LEANN MULLER GRAHAM WA
      >>> > 202 Erika Owens, Tacoma WA
      >>> > 203 Kathryn Janker  Puyallup, W A
      >>> > 204 Tom Livingston, Seattle, WA
      >>> > 205. Robert Jones, Spokane, WA
      >>> > [206. Larry Eggleston, Spokane, WA
      >>> > 207. Ken Wisenor, WA
      >>> > 208. Tina Wisenor
      >>> > 209. Nick Wisenor
      >>> > 210. Kathy Camyn , Spokane WA
      >>> > 211. Jerry Camyn, Spokane WA
      >>> > 212. Randall Ogle
      >>> > 213.  Debra Ogle
      >>> > 214. Sheena Lukens, Oak Habror, WA
      >>> > 215. Robin Powell, Wilbur, WA
      >>> > 216. Geneva Stuewe, KS.
      >>> > 217. Robert F. Stuewe, KS.
      >>> > 218. Phyllis Mattson, WA.
      >>> > 219. Scott Mattson, WA.
      >>> > 220. Sam Krahenbuhl, WA.
      >>> > 221. Karen Krahenbuhl, WA.
      >>> > 222. Sarah Nelson, WA
      >>> > 223. Bill Nelson, WA
      >>> > 224 Arlene Shuman,Wa
      >>> > 225. Paula Frederick
      >>> > 226. Gary Frederick
      >>> > 227. Dave Hendergart Wenatchee, WA
      >>> > 228.Betty Hendergart  Wenatchee,Wa
      >>> > 229. Deana Oudeans WA
      >>> > 230. Jake Oudeans WA
      >>> > 231. Spencer Oudeans WA
      >>> > 232. Ozro Mason
      >>> > 233.  Hollis mason
      >>> > 234. Patricia Barry Wa.
      >>> > 235. Lawrence Barry Wa.
      >>> > 236. Steve Camp, WA
      >>> > 237. Becky Camp, WA
      >>> > 238. Doug Heider, WA
      >>> > 239. Vicky Heider, WA
      >>> > 240. Marcial Heider, WA
      >>> > 241. Lisa Heider, WA
      >>> > 242. Craig Heider, WA
      >>> > 243. Kevin Cochrane, WA
      >>> > 244. Paige Cochrane, WA
      >>> > 245. Connie Koch, WA
      >>> > 246. Bill Pederson, WA
      >>>247.  Bonnie Pederson, WA
AM> 248. Tami Bennett
AM>                                                                                                          249.
AM> Randy Krebs, WA
AM> 250. Kevin Krebs, WA
AM> 251. Sally Fee, NH
AM> 252. Robert Fee, NH
AM> 253. Christopher Fee, NH
AM> 254. Heidi Heinz, NV
AM> 255. Ron Heinz, NV
AM> 256. Amber Heinz, NV
AM> 257. Emily Heinz, NV
AM> 258. Ryan Heinz, NV
AM> 259. Shelly Lang, WA
AM> 260. Dan Lang, WA
AM> 261. Steven Brown, WA
AM> 262. Katherine Brown, WA
AM> 263. Joshua Zimer, WA
AM> 264. Nathanael Brown, WA        
AM> 265. Ralph Steuber       
AM> 266. Patricia Steuber
AM> 267. Richard E Church, WA
AM> 268. Bethany L. Church, WA

AM> 269. Amy Mansoor, WA

AM> Take time to notice the small things; beauty is so often left
AM> overlooked and unappreciated...

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Best regards,
Charles Kret
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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Blah, blah blah. Is that what we amount to today? Tiresome work, moving in a direction that echos the same sound, day after day. Possibly. And for ambitious people, everyone hates them. Why, because they want to do more, more than you want to do for sure. Can we keep the word I, me, mine, and such nonsense away from our blogs? This blogging this is kind of neat, it's obvious why it is catchy. This one is having a hard time not saying "i". Well, it will be beat. The question of communication, and the desire to be known, is probably a neat one. Is it instinct, or did we create it ourselves? So blogger eh. Are we supposed to just spit out words whenever we want? That's the idea eh? Well. Spit... Word... Fluke... puke... And if we swear? Darn! it edited it, the darn ninkompoop blogging thingamajig. <-- those are all edited by blogger. Interesting. Ok. Bye.
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